Sunday, July 10, 2011

- On the Boardwalk -

Hello from Delaware Internets!

If there is one thing Delaware is lacking, it is unsecured wireless networks to steal from. Therefore making my attempts at trolling, exploring, facebooking, writing, and killing time online much more difficult than expected. Instead of screen time, I've been reading books, sunbathing, at the beach and the pool, and enjoying so many delicious foods.

One thing Delaware doesn't lack: Ice Cream.

And after a morning at the beach, a rest in the air conditioning, and a walk on the boardwalk there is nothing better than an ice cream cone as you watch the waves crash upon the coastline. Kids love it. Adults love it. Teens in teensy bikinis love it. And twice we have gone to the boardwalk in Bethany Beach for Dickey's Frozen Custard.

The first time was a rough day. Everyone had gotten into their bathing suits (which is difficult for an almost 2 year old and a 4 year old included) and we were packed up when *KABOOM*
... lightning and thunder.
It had been completely dry for weeks here. Then the Chicagoans show up and here comes the rain.

Therefore, to suppress the sadness, we later went out for pizza and ice cream on the boardwalk. I didn't expect the wide array of ice cream flavors at this little ice cream place in a small beach community. But they know that people love their ice cream.

While my nieces had chocolate with patriotic sprinkles (picture left), I opted for a tollhouse cookie. Oh boy was I in for an unexpected surprise. At most, I thought it'd be like the Reese's with just little bits of cookie bites in vanilla ice cream. But oh, it was more than that. Vanilla ice cream, cookie pieces, chocolate chips. Soft, flavor in every bite. I didn't even think of there being just "plain" vanilla in between the bits I really wanted. It felt like there was something perfect in each bite. I got my cookie and I got my ice cream.

The second time the girls still got chocolate and coated themselves as it melted in the afternoon sun. I decided to try "Fudge Tracks" - which at first confused me. I wanted to ask them if they understood about Moose tracks. But oh no, Dickey's knows their flavors. Without even flinching, the woman working told me it was vanilla with fudge bits, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter bites. Oh yes, perfect. The peanut butter bites even looked like itty bitty Reese's cups. The fudge was decadent, soft, and full of that rich chocolate that blended so well with the vanilla ice cream. It melted as I licked at it. Of course, the crunch of the cone made it even better. Unless you're too young to eat the ice cream before it melts, I'd just opt for a cone no matter what. They're so yummy!

With my new golden toasty tan I feel confident as I devour the ice cream. And although there are quite a few options here in Delaware, I'd say if you're in Bethany Beach to go for Dickey's. The local authority (who I'm staying with) always picks it first. And don't worry, it's summer, the calories don't count right?


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