Tuesday, July 26, 2011

*Cupcakes: Kind of an obsession*

Okay, so not your typical blog today, but my apartment flooded. Which means I'm crashing a friend's place and feel strange doing my typical bake and write process. Therefore, this feast is for the eyes. (A real blog will be posted later this week)

I love cupcakes.


Capital L is for the way you look so cute. O is for the obvious sweetness inside. V is very very extraordinary way you can look or taste with creative bakers. E- everyone can't help but adore.... Cupcakes.

Okay, I'm definitely not a song writer or parody writer.

I've spent a good deal of time looking for my future career path on the Food Network website; Bios of every host, chef, and judge have been thoroughly scanned to discover majors, minors, masters degrees, and progression of careers. While I'm still at a loss due to my lack of le cordon bleu and money to attend - I have enjoyed quite the eyeful.


Cupcake Wars: On-Set Cupcakes on the Food Network

  #5 Green Flower Swirl: shows my love of the beautiful accents fondant can add

#6 Chocolate Pink: probably a combination of my nieces two favorite things ever

In addition:

Candy Cupcakes on the Food Network

#2: Snickers is probably my favorite candy ever and I have saved the recipe to bake and share later

#4: Butterfinger. The cupcake makes me want to actually buy the candybar - though I might prefer the cupcake.

Enjoy the photos, the cupcakes, and the food network. I'll have more for you later.

- Mollie

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