Monday, July 18, 2011

- National Ice Cream Sunday -

Did you know that the 3rd Sunday in July is officially National Ice Cream Day?

Ronald Regan was the one who designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the 3rd Sunday as the official day. I made this discovery because yesterday (July 17th) was this year's official National Ice Cream Day!

Of course, I had to take advantage of a reason to eat ice cream - especially after I had finished off everything in our fridge.

Although we had some tasty options for ice cream - like the wide variety at the grocery store - we wanted to go for something big and special. I mean, it was National Ice Cream Day. Go big or go home. Yet our local Bobtail ice cream place was losing the usual sparkle it did when we first moved in and spent many a hot August day visiting it.

Therefore, we opted for a typical favorite: Baskin Robbins. First, because it's the only other just ice cream store nearby. Second, because it's something we both had at home. Baskin Robbins was my late night runs to get ice cream and vent with my best friends. It was where we sat in the backs of cars in the parking lot shoveling the cold treat into our faces, laughing, and making a mess. It's where we let ourselves feel free for a sweet moment while everything else whirled by. This is why I enjoy Baskin Robbins despite the actual lack of 31 flavors behind the counter.

So my boyfriend and I grabbed our friend and headed to the combination Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins on the corner of Clark and Belmont - formerly known as "Punkin' Donuts" due to the high amount of punk kids who hung out outside of it and in the area.

The one problem I do have at here is making any sort of decision. I'm surprised my boyfriend and the people behind us in line didn't smack me across the face. It's hard not because of the wide variety, but a combination of your typical flavors and expenses. I'm a college student and can't spend a ton of money on a brownie sundae that doesn't come from Windy City Sweets. I mean really, quality versus price is something I have to keep my eye out for.

The ice cream behind the glass was mostly typical. Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, chocolate chip, strawberry, and a few twists like the Super Soldier Swirl for Captain America. These less exciting ice creams made me want a 31 Below - which is soft serve vanilla swirled with anything you want. It has my favorites like Snickers and Oreos and cookie dough. But why get oreo 31 below when there's cookies and cream? This is the biggest debate I had.

And when they were out of Snickers, I knew I had to get the cookies and cream.
But, I spiced it up by making it a sundae.

The best part too was that the girl who we ordered from and who made my sundae was new. In fact, it was her first day. Therefore they had to teach her how to use the whipped cream and pump the chocolate. It was cute watching her learn, flustered how to pump hot fudge and that she had to ask about almonds and cherries on top. It was especially good for me, because I got extra hot fudge on top due to the learning curve. I'm not complaining.

On a hot summer day, what could be better than an ice cream sundae? Even as my boyfriend's 31 below got liquidy and I slurped most of it up for him on the walk home, I was just in sugary bliss.

- Mollie

What's your favorite ice cream flavor or combination?

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