Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Perfect Combination of Chocolate and Peanut Butter has a Rival

Pheobe's cupcakes has become an easy dessert stop on the way home from various locations, work, school, Noodle Company, the cold wind, whatever it is I couldn't deny the thought of stopping in today and getting a cupcake. The choices were hard, mainly because, again, they had a very rigid set of flavors as I mentioned in a past blog. Their website shows a list that is weekly, but I've noticed that only a few of them change. The usual very vanilla, death by chocolate, red velvet, tuxedo, funfetti, caramella and peanut butter fudgey are there. There was the addition of one today: the pineapple right-side up cupcake. I'll write more about this cupcake soon (since it's waiting patiently in the fridge for my will to break and devour it).

I decided to get the peanut butter fudgey for today, because the Reece's commercials have been making me crave chocolate and peanut butter. So much that I almost had a pb&j for breakfast just for a taste of peanut butter. Yet that wouldn't have satisfied my chocolate addiction, so this cupcake was perfect.

I've had this cupcake once before, when my room mate got it for me, but it had been sitting in the fridge for a bit before I ate it. This led to a harder cream frosting, which brought a much harsher and stronger peanut butter pop than I had hoped for. I decided to give the little guy another chance anyway.

Now first off, never let this one sit in the fridge that long. Just devour it right then and there if you can. The butter cream frosting has a perfect fluffy-ness that is soft with a beautiful peanut butter flavoring. There is no punch into your face. Instead it's smooth, airy, with a peanut butter taste that compliments the texture. It's the perfect kind of cream to get on the tip of your nose while you're trying to dig into the cheesecake bottom (which I did). Oh, did I not mention it was cheesecake? oh yes. There is a chocolate and cream cheese mixture that is, again, light and fluffy.

I learned from a  Food Feuds episode about the variety of cheesecake fluffiness. Usual New York style cheesecake is much more thick and heavy. So while this cupcake is not your typical, authentic New York cheesecake, it's the kind that I would much rather dig into: the fluffy and airy kind. I also think this melds well with the light cream frosting. You do not feel heavy or like it's hard to finish the cupcake. Instead you savor every bite, carefully tying together the frosting and the cheesecake.

Now my only curiosity left, is it always a cheesecake cake on the bottom? On the website it lists it as chocolate cake with "a baked in cream cheese top", but in the store it said cheesecake. My hope is that it's always made this way, focusing on the light airy cheesecake quality. If you give it a try, let me know!

- Mollie

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