Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh Sweet Mandy B's

If you are a student at DePaul and you lived in the dorms in Lincoln Park, you know about Sweet Mandy B's bakery. My room mate my freshman year raved about them and spent a good majority of her money on their colorful cupcakes. This was how I had my first one: my room mate's sweet gesture. Oh if only I had known how delicious and tempting these cupcakes would turn out to be.

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I had only tasted their typical vanilla cupcake with bold, neon colored frosting and sprinkles to remind you of your childhood dreams. Recently, my sister in law brought me cupcakes for my boyfriend and I to share - and to use to get through a stressful weekend.
My first taste was of a beautiful chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. As a woman and a chocolate addict, I melted at the soft chocolate goodness that flowed across my tongue and into my tummy. The lightness of the cupcake, but bold chocolate flavor made a perfect match.

Yet I found another beautiful piece after work today. Stressed out, with a mind made of goo, I went straight for the cupcakes in their plastic Sweet Mandy B's container. All I could remember of this cupcake was that she said it was something to do with cinnamon and cream cheese frosting. That was all I needed. The first bite was surprising. It was soft, like the beautiful fluffy cupcakes Sweet Mandy B's is famous for, but the flavors burst forth. The cinnamon and frosting at first reminded me of a sweet cinnamon roll and I melted at the thought. Yet going back, I tried to find their menu online. It was a lot harder than expected. Still the menu that I found on didn't have anything listed as cinnamon cupcake. They did have a snickerdoodle cupcake, which makes complete sense. The cupcake itself was a perfect snickerdoodle, while the frosting was beautiful to give it a bit of a cinnamon roll sweetness. I was really impressed by this cupcake.

For those that aren't chocoholics or want to try something too crazy, I would suggest going to Sweet Mandy B's to try something soft, fluffy, and full of flavor. This cinnamon or snickerdoodle cupcake was a beautiful sweet treat that was different, but not too scary. I still have a carrot cupcake, topped with a beautiful Pecan, waiting for me in the fridge. Sweet Mandy B's has an interesting, but simple list of cupcakes. A wise choice for a simple cupcake, a child-friendly cupcake, or something reliable and sweet. To find out more either visit them at 1208 W. Webster or check out MenuPages to see their menu, phone number, and other reviews.

Although it's cold outside, keep sweet Chicago.
- Mollie

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