Thursday, January 12, 2012

A New Year: A New Chicago

My time back in the states has consisted of me gorging myself on American delicacies, baking like a fiend, traveling across Illinois and being thrown back into classes without a moment to breathe.

Of course, I'll give you all the tasty details starting this weekend as I begin a New Year with new cooking adventures and new tastes.

A quick rundown of my time in America includes:

  1. A journey back from the airport with Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  2. Baking with my brand new Cake Pop Maker
  3. Piles and piles of Christmas Cookies
  4. New turtle cookies
  5. Brownies that turned into Blondies by accident
  6. Star Wars cookie cutters!
  7. Re-adjusting to Mexican Food (ouch)
  8. Lots of Movie Popcorn - including Mission Impossible and The Muppets
  9. Ice Cream Sundaes
  10. Caramel Hot Chocolate
  11. Noodles and Company: aka things my boyfriend desperately misses in Georgia
  12. Making homemade pizza with boyfriend's family
  13. Ribs.
  14. Fudge.
  15. Bears and Packers game on Christmas. (oh the agony!)
  16. Giordano's Stuffed Pizza
  17. Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza
  18. Making french crepes for my family (with Nutella and banana, of course)
  19. Chocolate Cake topped with strawberries a la mode
  20. Falling in love with Chicago all over again.

Happy New Year. I hope this one is the sweetest.

- Mollie

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