Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Famous Frou Frou Fairy Cakes

In my last week in London I was determined to go Christmas shopping and check a few things off my "to do" list. This included seeing the Lego Christmas Tree at St. Pancreas station. This tree is 40 feet tall and made up of 600,000 bricks. So of course, I turned in my final portfolio, hopped on a red double-decker, and made my way to the station. The tree not only just blew my mind in sheer size and Lego skill, but made the little kid me squee with Christmas joy. Oh yes, it was Christmas now. Officially.

As I started off to finish my Christmas shopping though, I noticed a little bakery that I couldn't just pass by. It wasn't something extremely different or shouting out with bright colors, it was simple, with a claim to baking fame, and rows of boxed gift sets. Not only did the box sets give me an excuse to go in (under the guise of Christmas shopping) but they were quite clever sets of jams, cook books, and other British treats.

More importantly though was the selection of cupcakes in their window. I stood there staring at them for quite a while, which the woman at the counter didn't appreciate at all. She was rude. Straight up: Rude. I don't know how you can work surrounded by such beautiful food and manage it, but she was not even excited by the prospect that I couldn't decide from their selection of beautiful cupcakes. In fact, she was annoyed. Hmph.

Okay, now onto the important things. The bakery itself, which outweighed the rude woman in sheer selection of baked goodies, pies, and fresh smells, is Peyton and Byrne. And they are, according to their website, "Unashamedly British". Of course, it was a perfect stop for me on my last week in London. The cupcakes then are called "Fairy Cakes" in this British fashion and makes me even more inclined to buy them. I don't know what it is about Fairy Cakes, but it sounds cute and magical and I want to gobble it up. The selection added to my excitement. There was Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Surprise, Toffee and Banana, Black Forest, and Frou Frou. This is exactly why I stared at the selection so long and couldn't seem to decide. Truthfully, I should have just said "Give me the whole lot" and given into my temptations. Instead, as a conscious student, I got the Frou Frou, which is the cake that gave Peyton and Byrne their reputation.

This cupcake is a perfect way to get a reputation. The name Frou Frou is fun, flirty, and made me giggle as I wasn't sure if I was saying it right when I ordered it. The cake itself was soft, moist, and had beautiful tartness of the raspberries mixed with the yellow cake. The frosting was excellent. It was a bit thick, heavier, but with the crunch of the coconut flakes and the tartness of the raspberries in the cake it all gelled to this brilliant combination. I love coconut and the addition of the coconut flakes was great with the thick frosting and soft cake. It mixed up the texture to help give your taste buds something new alongside the fruity goodness.

Now if you're ever in St. Pancreas for even a moment, stop by Peyton and Byrne to give the Frou Frou or any of their other unashamedly British treats a try. I know I'm desperate to go back and try the Toffee and Banana. Whether it's a fairy cake or a cupcake, this is just good British baking.

- Mollie

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