Monday, May 2, 2011

*2 Sweet Years*

My boyfriend has completely and totally supported my sweet tooth - especially when it keeps me from turning into crabby Mollie. Chocolate has always been his backup support in any argument and always the treat for our special occasions.

Therefore, it was no different when we celebrated our 2 year anniversary today. We decided to try out a new spot, the Wilde Bar and Restaurant - at 3130 N. Broadway. The idea of an Oscar Wilde themed restaurant had tempted me from the first mention of it and the beautiful flowers on their iron fence outside drew me further in. The place itself was beautiful and calm at 5 pm on a Monday evening. We were glad to have our pick of small tables or giant booths and chose a small table near the window and beside an old styled fireplace. The painted glass ceiling was what caught both of our eyes as we ordered and waited for our food.

First off, the food was fantastic. I ate almost every bit of what was on my plate - fries and Blackened Chicken Pub Club. The combination of avocado, blackened chicken, tomato, lettuce, Irish cheese, and the crunch of an onion made each bite a fun flavor combination. That is, if I could fit them all in my mouth. The sandwich itself was giant and I was laughed at by my boyfriend quite frequently for my attempts to get as much as possible in each bite. The fries were just as delicious, with great seasoning. I wish I could eat those every time I wanted fries.

Yet, the important part and the reason he chose this restaurant. Dessert.

Right away he went to the dessert menu online, searching for something that would suit my sweet tooth and give me a taste of something I haven't had recently due to Lent. Although the Lava Cake was quite a contender - with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream tempting me - the Homemade Mint Ice Cream Pie won us over. I could have drooled on the menu and our waitress Kera completely agreed. Even she's addicted to it.

I wish I had remembered my camera so I could have taken a picture of it. The presentation itself was beautiful.

A long rectangular white plate. A thick, triangular slice of the pie. Oreo cookie crust at the bottom, topped with mint ice cream, drizzled with Belgian chocolate sauce. Just beside the slice sat a large dollop of homemade whipped cream, fresh, and fluffy. Belgian Chocolate sauce drizzled across the platter, with Andes mint chocolate pieces across the plate and the top of the pie.

The surprise? Biting into a piece of just Oreo cookie crust we found MORE Andes mints. To say the least, my boyfriend was thrilled. Oreo and Andes is brilliant.
Not to mention if you scoop up some whipped cream and chocolate sauce. There is a beautiful dessert.

There really is a distinct difference between chocolate sauce, fudge, and Belgian chocolate sauce. The Belgian is key. It was decadent and fit perfectly with the mint flavors. I wanted to pick up the plate when we were done and lick every last drop off. That is chocolate that was carefully crafted.

I recommend stopping by Wilde for any reason (especially the drinks so finely mixed you don't realize you're getting flushed and giggly). But Specifically try this Mint Chocolate Pie, because it is carefully crafted to keep you coming back for more.

- Mollie

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  1. Oh my god. That sounds like a slice of heaven. I am drooling right now!

    I will definitely check out Wilde.