Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cookie Monster

Let's just talk about how much I miss cookies.
Because it's a lot.

Never did I realize how much I ate cookies before giving them up for Lent. I would eat them here, I would eat them babysitting, I would eat them in my class, I would even eat them with a mouse. Seriously, it was a lot of cookies and a lot of eating leftover cookies from children.

I'm reading the cookbook my sister bought me entitled The Happy Baker: A Girl's Guide to Emotional  Baking. It's hilarious, wonderful, and soon you will see plenty of recipes from it posted.

Except that it has so many COOKIES! And I desperately want them.
Especially with titles like "Where have all the good cowboys gone cookies" and "Match Made in Heaven Dark Chocolate cookies" and "Tall Dark and Carmel cookies"

There are a few bar and brownie recipes that I'll make in my "Mollie needs a loophole for her sweet tooth". But for now, send some recipes my way that are not cookies.

- Mollie

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