Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Plague Hits Chicago

The Plague has come to Chicago.
Okay, it was probably the stomach flu. And It probably started from a bunch of small children. And it has been passed through my family, co-workers, to me, and to my boyfriend. So it is clearly evolved into a rampant running plague.

Yet, my sweet tooth remained ever vigilant. Even when I couldn't keep down solids.
Lying in bed, feeling like my limbs were lead and my head was spinning into a dark hole, I still just wanted chocolate. Anything would do, snickers, Hershey's, Reece's, M&Ms, a bit of chocolate from a chocolate bar I didn't know where it came from. Nothing mattered. I just wanted the calming sweetness to make me better. 

Luckily, my boyfriend and I had gone out to our local Jewel one night and stocked up on Edy's ice cream. Slow Churned is our favorite because it has less calories and is smooth and tasty. So he got his vanilla and I got double chocolate brownie chunk. yummmm.

Now I have to remind you, this plague was very similar to the one I had when I was 5. Where I could only eat Popsicles for days, worked into ice cream, and finally bread and solids. Therefore, eating ice cream was only natural, right? I just assumed that the 5 year old Mollie and the 21 year old Mollie could both handle ice cream. So each day I was sick I made myself a small bowl of chocolate brownie chunk ice cream and inhaled it. Luckily, there was no tummy backlash AND it soothed my aching throat. I owe that ice cream that I don't sound like a pubescent boy anymore.

Ice cream = cure of the plague.

Keep eating everyone!

- Mollie

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